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Magnetic Field

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Magnetic Field

The highly anticipated follow-up to Magnetism, our best-selling magnetic wallcovering innovated by Weitzner and Visual Magnetics, Magnetic Field offers the same unique magnetic functionality with a sophisticated rayon surface. Offered in two tailored neutrals, this Weitzner Smart product embodies utility, ingenuity, and refinement.

Name: Magnetic Field
Catalogue Number: W1002
Width: 51.00"
Weight per linear yard: 80.00 oz
Weight: 56.47 oz/sqyd
Min Order: 3 yards
Sold In: 3 yard increments
Piece size: 6 yards
Content: 67% VI, 33% PL, paper-backed with latex with iron oxide, non woven backing, stain resistant finish
Testing: Class A
Magnetic wallcovering
Environmental / LEED: The magnetic coating is made from a non-toxic, naturally magnetic mineral, the same material used in dietary supplements. The process of grinding up this naturally occuring mineral leaves a minimal carbon footprint compared to creating the typical steel magnetic surface. The acrylic latex binder used to produce the coating is the same used in low-VOC paints. When replacing Magnetic Field, clients may return the product to Visual Magnetics for recycling. Magnetism is 100% recyclable.
CFA: Not available

Not guaranteed against fading or color change. Avoid direct or brilliantly reflected sunlight.

Use neodymium magnets only, these magnets are not recommended for young children due to potential choking hazard.

Color and texture variation may occur from one dyelot to the next.

Please bear in mind that the weight of this item is above average (approximately 2lbs/yd).

Weitzner | Visual Magnetics