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This innovative vertical brings nature indoors in a completely new way. A flexible layer of stone is paper-backed to create an amazing material that retains all the varied color and texture of the rock but affords the same ease of installation as paper. The 2’ x 4’ sheets can be adhered full size or cut down to hang in any configuration. Stratum features a dramatic web of mineral traces.

Name: Stratum
Catalogue Number: W9064 (WST124)
Width: 24.00"
Weight per linear yard: 13.00 oz
Weight: 19.50 oz/sqyd
Min Order: 1 panel
Sold In: 24" x 48" panels
Piece size: 24" x 48"
Content: 100% natural stone with cellulose backing
Variations in color and/or texture are inherent.
CFA: Not available

This product is sold unsealed. Sealing this product after installation is highly recommended. Sealant should be applied at least 24 hours after completing installation to ensure the wallcovering has properly cured. Sealants may darken the color of this material.

If left unsealed this product can be permanently stained by contact with oils from the skin. This product is not recommended for use in kitchens or bathrooms.

Weitzner recommends the following high quality sealants, Porous Plus and Bullet Proof. Please follow all sealant manufacturer directions carefully.

Weitzner will not be liable for issues related to the application of sealants.

This product is a paper-backed natural stone material that can be installed like a wallcovering.

The face of this material is composed of natural stone. Color and pattern variations will occur from panel to panel.

Weitzner highly recommends employing a member of the National Guild of Professional Paper Hangers (NGPP) to install this product.