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This open fretwork with the irreverent rhythm is handmade paper from South American tree bark. Aura might also create a one-of-a-kind room divider if hung from the ceiling or placed between sheets of glass.

Weitzner Limited | Aura

Please note: The visible seaming on this product is not a manufacturing defect. Splicing several panels together is necessary to create a continuous roll.

Name: Aura
Catalogue Number: W9003 (WAU86)
Width: 48.00"
Weight per linear yard: 10.00 oz
Weight: 7.50 oz/sqyd
Min Order: 1 panel
Sold In: 48" x 216" panels
Piece size: 48" x 216"
Content: 100% bark, top coat sealer
Testing: Class A
Due to the handmade technique, variations in color and/or texture are inherent.
CFA: Not available

Splicing is necessary in order to make a continuous roll of 6 yards.

Please note the spliced areas and hang randomly.

This product may not match up at the seams.

Not guaranteed against fading or color change. Avoid direct or brilliantly reflected sunlight.