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This Clean Vinyl wallcovering captures the lush patina and alluring sheen of distressed metal. Offered in ten metallic tones.


Name: Galena
Catalogue Number: W5007
Width: 53.00"
Weight per linear yard: 21.00 oz
Weight: 14.26 oz/sqyd
Min Order: 5 yards
Piece size: 30 yards
Content: 100% Clean Vinyl, Osnaburg backing (nonwoven backing option available; minimums vary)
Testing: Class A, Type II, IMO-certified with nonwoven backing option
$3.00/yard additional fee for orders below 30 yards. IMO requirement must be specified with order, minimums vary.
Environmental / LEED: May contribute toward LEED MR credit 2.1: Construction Waste Management, Divert 50% From Landfill
May contribute toward LEED LEM credit 4.1: Adhesives and Sealants
May contribute toward LEED LEM credit 4.6: Ceilings and Wall Systems

Vinyl wallcovering can act as a vapor barrier and consequently should not be installed on walls that are susceptible to excessive condensation or moisture infiltration.

The wallcovering supplied may be made permeable (minimum 8+ perms) by a micro-venting process.

Permeable wallcovering cannot compensate for water intrusion caused by poor building envelope design, faulty construction, building system failure or improper maintenance practices.

Any mold or mildew present must be removed from walls and they must be treated to inhibit further grow. Please refer to the EPA website for guidelines on cleaning and removing mold.

If transported during winter months the wallcovering must be allowed to warm to minimum of 70 degrees F before installation.

Please bear in mind that the weight of this item is above average (approximately 2lbs/yd).

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