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General Hanging Instructions
  • Always make sure the wall you are hanging on has had all other wallcovering, wallplates and obstructions removed. Walls must be smooth, structurally sound, dry, and clean.
    Repair any holes and cracks, and sand smooth.
  • Make sure your hands and tools are always clean.
  • We highly recommend priming and lining walls before installing wallcovering.
  • Do not hang directly on an oil based primer.
  • Always use a new blade for each cut.
  • Always use non-stick white tape.
  • Use high quality clear hanging paste with “mildew system wallpaper adhesive.”
    Paste should not be watered down.
  • Always apply an even coat of paste to either the back of the wallcovering or directly on the wall.
    Never saturate the wallcovering with paste. Paste out toward edges.
  • Double cut installation is not mandatory. Installing method should be left up to your professional installer. For a list of professional installers near you please visit
  • It is very important not to crease the wallcovering. Avoid touching the face of the wallcovering.
  • Begin at the top left corner. Set top to hold while securing the corner edge.
    Smooth air bubbles out from top to bottom using a soft brush.
  • Do not stretch or overwork seams.
  • After installing a maximum of three panels, inspect application. If satisfactory, continue.
    If not, discontinue and contact Weitzner customer service at 888.609.5551.

The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for installation of material beyond three panels and will not be held responsible for labor under any circumstances.

Download these instructions.

Products | Enduit | Bandlet

The classic concept of a border has been modernized with this jewelry-like diamond-and-circle relief pattern. Combining soft curves and delicate points, the use of positive and negative space creates multiple layers of depth within one design.

Weitzner | Handmade
Weitzner Handmade is committed to preserving the time-honored techniques and artistry of those who make a product by hand. With every intention that these skills will thrive, and not merely survive, we work with artisans around the world to provide a contemporary marketplace for their soulful products.
Name: Bandlet
Catalogue Number: WBA88
Minimum order: 6 yards / 5.46 meters
Sold in: 6 yards / 5.46 meters increments
Piece length up to approximately 6 yards
Width: 8 inches / 20.32 cm
Approximate repeat: W 2.75" / H 2.75"
Content: 60% non-woven cellulose composite, 40% marble paste.
Class: A
Paintable Plaster. This is a border design. Due to the handmade technique, variations may occur.
CFA: Not available

Handle with care, please do not crease the wallcovering.

Prime and line walls before installing the wallcovering and always use a new blade for each cut.

Paste should be applied to the wall making sure to have enough paste for the edges. If you choose to apply the paste directly to the back of the wallcovering, handle with care during installation.

Do not over saturate the wallcovering as it will make the paper base extremely fragile.

A wallpaper brush works to place the paper first then as needed use a roller gently to ensure contact.

Finish the top and bottom of the wallcovering once adhered to the wall, by cutting off excess wallcovering when dried.

If you choose to paint the wallcovering, use a high quality wallcovering primer, let completely dry and use high quality latex paint.

Do not reverse sheets.


Please wipe with clean white damp cloth; do not rub.

Regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment may be used to remove dust deposits.


During installation, try to line up the seams as best as possible at eye level and allow the top and bottom of wallcovering to shift if necessary.

Not guaranteed against fading or color change. Avoid direct or brilliantly reflected sunlight.

Custom orders are available upon request. Please contact your nearest showroom for more information.
Enter Pattern or Reference:
Product Material
Paintable Plaster
Textile Wallcov.
Gilding Metallic
Clean Vinyl
Product Application
Handmade Panels
Red / Earth
Warm Neutral
Cool Neutral
Other Specifics
Class A
Type II
Customer Service
For customer service inquires please
Call: 888.609.5551
Fax: 212.924.8396
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Customer Service

For customer service inquires:
Call: 888.609.5551
Fax: 212.924.8396